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Working with Michael was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made in business.

Having had completed over 50 deals before deciding to work with Michael I wasn’t just looking for someone to help me with the fundamentals of how to do a deal but more so someone who could help get my business to the next level.

After our first call I was confident I had made the right decision.

Michael absolutely loves the real estate business and his knowledge and passion for it comes thru in his thorough and detailed instruction and over delivery at each session.

Testimonial by Steve Washington
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As a Real Estate Attorney Let me state that one of the best decisions I’ve made in my real estate career was to take Michael Quarles’ Real Estate Investor Coaching program.

I had been investing for ten years already but wanted to take things to the next level and earn more money.

Michael’s coaching program has proved to be an extremely wise and profitable decision.

Since I took the program, I have done over ten deals which have provided me with great profits. On one deal that he helped me with, I made over $100,000 profit. And on another I made over $40,000.

The Real Estate knowledge Michael has taught me is second to none.

More importantly though, he has taught me the importance of marketing to find motivated sellers. He is the best in the business at marketing.

I strongly recommend Michael Quarles’ coaching program to other folks.

Testimonial by Eric in New York
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I met Michael in the fall of 2010, at that time, everything I was doing was not working. I was dumping money down the drain.

I took Michael’s mentoring program where I learned the right way to market and negotiate with home owners.

He also helped me in selecting the right list to mail to, however, I never took action.

Finally, in 2012 I decided to take action based on what Michael had taught me. I built a marketing campaign and re-enrolled in Michael’s One-on-One mentoring program.

By December, I had made about $130,000. Last year, I bought and sold 30 properties all using Michael’s strategies.

Last month alone, I profited $55,000. I cannot thank Michael enough for teaching me.

Testimonial by Ayo Fayiga
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